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Needing Expats

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Companies in many locations that endeavour to fill vacancies are facing enormous challenges. A shortage of qualified individuals in the local marketplace is causing many to look abroad.

However, many aspects become a factor when attracting international talent. Tangible elements include the company’s reputation, job opportunity, salary and benefits. The decision to relocate factors in numerous other aspects concerning the local environment.

First and foremost, expats consider in which country they will be working and the ease of learning a language they may require, if English is not widely spoken. The location itself sits high in the equation too. The image and access to qualified information are key in the process and can make or break the choice. With obvious consequences.

Many prospective employers find attracting international talent to fill key positions at their company can be challenging. Others can be intimidated by the implications of persuading global expats to relocate and a higher risk of being able to retain them over time.

Engagements that have a positive outcome often require much support for a relocation to succeed. To remain engaged, productive and to stay the course, international employees need to experience an enhanced quality of life. For themselves as well as any accompanying family members.

By Vincent Green, Sep 23 2021


Attractive locations across the world create strong competition to companies who desperately need to attract expats. Position and package fit, as does the company. Unfortunately a lack of convincing images, false impressions and incomplete city presentations fail to help inspire expats to relocate.

Natural Environment

To the surprise of newly arrived expats, beaches exist even in landlocked locations. These may be the shore of a river, lake or reservoir. Discovering fine sand for walking, playing, relaxing and picnicking is a hot topic whatever the season. So too parks, hiking and nature trails. All are form part of the comprehensive knowledge on every eGuide.