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Does your company or do companies within your city need to employ international talent? Are you attractive to expats? Do they know the company? Do they have a reliable image of your location?

Expats relocate for a few years and can stay longer. They normally have a wide choice of options to choose from. International specialists form a highly desirable group of individuals and families. The two most defining factors are being of foreign origin and often speaking little or no local language.

Expats are beneficial to both your company and the local economy, which is why corporations and cities wish to attract and support more international residents and become ever more expat friendly.

Online support for expats

The goal of making locations more expat friendly is the reason why for Amazing Capitals online expat resources. First and foremost, international residents wish to learn about their new or temporary home in a language they can understand, both before and after they relocate. English language eGuides and eBooks are at the heart of the expat experience. 

Strategic partnerships

Companies and cities across the globe need to attract and retain expats in their location. To address those requirements as well as the wellbeing of expats, Amazing Capitals receives the backing of city heads, economic development offices and marketing departments. Businesses and international schools are the source of further partnerships.

This helps create free to use, holistic online sources of relevant, location based knowledge in English. The result is a channel of communication, support for industry to attract talent from abroad, informed expats, cultural interaction and a highly advantageous image for cities.

Target unique audiences

Join a fascinating project and help solve your dilemma. Attract a distinct group of English speaking locals with Amazing Capitals online expat resources. Above all, protect your investment by helping to retain your international employees.

We help expats decide to enter employment with you and relocate to your location. Create awareness, become more attractive and raise your image.

Spread knowledge, cultural understanding and support, make a difference to individual’s lives, help them be content in their new home, grow respect and feel good doing it.

Become a sponsor

Research shows that expats yearn for a sense of belonging. Levels of contentment can make or break the ability to lead a good life abroad. The acquisition of knowledge is often fundamental to their quest for happiness. Expats have a clear desire to discover all the information they require. However, they need it in a language they understand and all in one place. Amazing Capitals does exactly that.

Integrate Amazing Capitals in your human resources strategy. By becoming a sponsor, you and your company can brand part or all of the online guide for periods of six months, a year or longer. Or create a new expat location guide in your city together.

Clients stem from business, administration, retail, entertainment, trade fairs, tourism, international schools and the corporate world.

Explore how to improve your expat employment circumstances. Reserve a discovery meeting on Calendly, call or contact via the options below. Opportunities include a variety of packages and sponsor options. Joining is effective, efficient, quick and smooth.

By Vincent Green, Aug 16 2023

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Improving the chance of companies retaining international employees in their location is a challenging task for city authorities. Life as an expat is complex. The need for balance, contented interaction and feeling at home is key. Those that underestimate the necessity to support are likely to lose valued residents.


A more effective, holistic approach is required to inspire expats to relocate, provide knowledge to support settling in and motivate them to remain in their new home. A simple tool with a quick overview to help spread the word through your company. No signup required!

Society & Folk

Anyone who has experienced relocating to a new society knows that the society and its folk are key to feeling welcome. Many locations around the globe offer safe havens and opportunities that flow far better when expats can learn more about their hosts. A broad, important topic on every location eGuide.