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Client Pathway

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An expansive number of articles and posts help inform, support and empower expats in their new location. The main beneficiaries are, however, companies. A presentational image of the city is like no other. All aspects concerning The Location and Things To Do are covered on the online resources as are the multifaceted themes of Expat Life.

Easy to Benefit

Ergo, the in those locations where Amazing Capitals is present, the simplest service is for human resources to invite their potential international employees to research our pages. This helps those companies attract expats and retain them.

The next level is to join us. Minimal engagement involves booking a company presentation. Alternatively, branding a variety of articles reveals the positive approach your company holds towards expats and shines a light on inclusive attitudes.

Pathway to Expats

The task of attracting and retaining expats is top of mind for CEOs and HR leaders. The need to attract and also retain valuable international staff is supported by ensuring the location is well represented. To this end, Amazing Capitals works with inspirational city, company and human resources leaders to create and run online expat resources in the form of local eGuides and eBooks.

The client pathway can take one of several routes, all of which are efficient and require minimal effort for experienced employers or those needing expats for the first time.

In current current locations with widespread content, sponsor a section or whole of the expat guide for a period of your choice. Becoming involved and benefitting is almost immediate.

Creating a new location together is a matter of budget and a little patience. Sponsoring the whole site involves the least engagement yet maximum potential. Following initial investment, annual support is optimal but not required. Those with a lower budget can help to involve other companies and the city who wish to become co-sponsors.

The next step is research and content creation. This can take between three and six months, depending on the choice of approach. Or be immediate in current locations. That’s it, let’s talk. Join the growing Amazing Capitals family and become a sponsor when you are ready.

By Vincent Green, Sep 27 2021


Expat location guides in each city post the mayor's welcome to expats. Effects are threefold. International residents are acknowledged for their decision to relocate. It sends a motivational message to municipal employees to serve them well. A powerful signal is also sent to companies and locals. Such as in the striking Ruhr Metropolis, Germany.

Expat Happenings

An overview of major events and events calendar are helpful for every international resident. More importantly, interesting activities and spontaneous happenings from the community are posted on each eGuide. These include regular meetups, scheduled get togethers, English theatre, gatherings and gigs. All are important venues to socialise and connect with other expats in similar circumstances.