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Life Courses

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Life for expats living in a foreign society is placed under very different influences to those experienced in their own country. Personal development, psychological effects and access to a variety of specialists can be more difficult.

Achieving balance in many aspects of daily life is key to contentment and wellbeing for oneself and any other family members. Amazing Capitals will be introducing several courses specially adapted to assist expats. Some examples:

  • How to Find Happiness Where You Least Expect It
  • How to Cultivate Good Habits That Last
  • Stop Yo-Yo Dieting: How to Jumpstart Healthy, Delicious Eating
  • 8,760 Hours in a Year: How to Make it Count
  • Get Off the Couch
  • 21 Days to Clean Energy
  • Health and Vitality Breakthrough
  • Finding Ease: Meditation Made Simple, Fun, and Practical
  • The Super Sleep Challenge
  • Transforming Stress into Good Stress
  • Declutter Your Mind in 30 Days
  • When the Going Gets Tough
  • Riding the Wheel of Life

Closer to the relevant launches in 2022, individual courses will be introduced and invites sent.

By Vincent Green, Oct 9 2021


Attractive locations across the world create strong competition to companies who desperately need to attract expats. Position and package fit, as does the company. Unfortunately a lack of convincing images, false impressions and incomplete city presentations fail to help inspire expats to relocate.

Many expat parents wish to educate their children in an environment that enables smooth transitions to a new location. Local language tuition is also a consideration. International schooling is thus a crucial topic of eGuides. The International School of Düsseldorf is a fine example.