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Concept Mechanism

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Companies and cities desperately need to attract international talent. The situation has been crystal clear for many years, even decades. A shortage of national skills and effects of demographics are not working in favour of the status quo. Whether in Wellington, Helsinki, Franfurt or elsewhere new concepts are required. 

Salaries and exciting career moves are able to spike interest in working for a new company. Professionals in their fields are scarce, so locations the world over are in competition with each other. Thus, the perceived desirability of a new home plays a key factor prior to relocation.

Researching the city feeling for that new place of work can be daunting. Cities lack necessary online presentations of their local environment. In the English language and humanely written. Most focus on tourism, seldom on expats. One option can fill the void in your location.

Reason Why

Amazing Capitals is specialised in presenting locations through the eyes of an expat. A complete and comprehensive picture is painted on one dedicated source. Local resources cover the wide, fascinating spectrum of life as an international resident. Across hundreds of pages and posts, focus is presented in a holistic way to introduce and connect to both online and offline expat ecosystem.

The Mechanism

The result is informed individuals and families. Companies can utilise the resources to present their location to prospective employees. Their resident international staff can become encouraged by finding the contacts and answers that would come naturally in their hone country.

  • Knowledge leads to empowerment
  • Results in the ability to reduce friction
  • Enables more productivity and engagement
  • Helps expats to lead better lives
  • Encourages more happiness for all
  • Companies achieve goals
  • Cities have informed residents
  • Local economies benefit

Amazing Capitals works with city leaders and company heads to create and run online expat resources in the form of local eGuides and eBooks.

By Vincent Green, Sep 27 2021


The position, company and financials are meaningless to candidates if the factor of location fails to appeal. The expat goes elsewhere and your vacancy remains open. Imagine taking command of the missing factor of your package. Help is at hand to present your city in the finest light to expats on the path to successful employee recruitment.




Companies and cities compete with the rest of the world to attract and retain professionally talented individuals from abroad. By helping to empower control of all elements of the job offer, Amazing Capitals inspires international employees to relocate to your location.

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Following relocation, highly educated expats experience many obstacles. Beyond language, awareness of cultural norms is key to infusion in the local environment. Amazing Capitals empowers international staff, thus helping you to retain your valuable employees.

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