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Holistic Ecosystems

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The point of leaving home and relocating to a new country is to advance a career or to lead a better life. When moving to a country with a foreign language to one’s own, the initial steps are made in the international business language of English.

Approve or not, this is by necessity, the primary second language of the world. Hence, Amazing Capitals publishes online resources for expats exclusively in English. No more, no less. Other national publishers provide great service to their own nationals.

The knowledge provided for the use of companies and cities is a holistic view of life in their location as an international resident. This holds true for content as well as the expat ecosystem created. Alternative professional and respected English language sources are included, whether national news or local blogs.

Holistic Inclusivity

Complete information on as good as every topic of life as an expat and beyond are found on the local Amazing Capitals expat eGuide and eBook. Important events, things to do and highly interesting aspects concerning the host nation, society, customs, quirks and its folk are also included in the content.

Articles function as English introductions to all themes of life and direct to the source, even if that is only available in the local language. Resources are also informative to the national population who may be curious about their colleagues, neighbours or speakers of a variety of languages on the streets of their city.

Amazing Capitals is at the heart of the expat experience. City authorities, companies, locals and international employees all profit from bespoke resources available for their location. By drawing all aspects together, smoothing friction, closing the gaps in the system and providing trust, we help employers solve their bottlenecks and expats lead better lives.

Join us as we expand to new locations.

By Vincent Green, Sep 27 2021

Street art on house frontage


A most important initial question expats ask concerns the location's environment. This is well before committing to relocate. Absent on most location websites, it is a key theme revealed in the "Urban Feel" article. A wide range of topics such as street art and architecture in "City Topics" fill the void of most city websites.

Cultural Immersion

Beyond the corporate world lies another world of creativity. Artists, creators and curators influence city environments with their work. Most cities are able to boast impressive art venues and museums as part of their cultural collection. Displays of permanent collections and temporary exhibits are a source of inspiration for many expats. Thus another important aspect of the eGuides.