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Expat Employees
and residents

Research shows that expats yearn for a sense of belonging in their new location. Levels of contentment can make or break the ability to lead a good life abroad. The acquisition of knowledge is often fundamental to their quest for happiness. Helsinki, for instance, has published more recent research. Results that show expats have a clear desire to discover all the information they require. However, they wish it to be in a language they understand and all in one place.

That’s the reason why Amazing Capitals was created well over a decade ago when Düsseldorf saw the same requirement. Empowering expats is key to a functioning ecosystem that is inclusive towards its international residents.

Natural Environment

To the surprise of newly arrived expats, beaches exist even in landlocked locations. These may be the shore of a river, lake or reservoir. Discovering fine sand for walking, playing, relaxing and picnicking is a hot topic whatever the season. So too parks, hiking and nature trails. All are form part of the comprehensive knowledge on every eGuide.