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Concept Origins

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The goal of the business club I founded in Düsseldorf, Germany was to introduce expats from all countries to local business professionals. An ecosystem to integrate participants with consulate delegates and senior city representatives was formed.

The principle was simple. Create and environment to help others by revealing the groundwork I had undertaken since my relocation. On a personal and a business level. British consuls approached me to request my help because they were receiving too many requests for assistance from British nationals.

The first comprehensive online expat location guide was launched in January 2007. Support came from my agency clients, retailers, the international school and the city. Other locations followed and cities, companies and expats have been benefitting ever since.

While local groups on social media platforms can provide answers to spontaneous enquiries, the desire for expansive information has not waned. Far from it, the need for trustworthy local knowledge is increasing on a global scale. The most recent addition is the magnificent and third largest Spanish city of Valencia.

The time to act is now, wherever you are. So let’s talk and investigate your requirements. Join the growing Amazing Capitals family and become a sponsor when you are ready.

By Vincent Green, Sep 24 2021


A most important initial question expats ask concerns the feel of the location. Well before committing to relocate, they wish for a full picture of the local environment. Absent on most administrative websites, these are key themes revealed in a wide range of topics. Sweeping information on each eGuide offers encouraging insights.




Companies and cities compete with the rest of the world to attract and retain professionally talented individuals from abroad. By helping to empower control of all elements of the job offer, Amazing Capitals inspires international employees to relocate to your location.

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Following relocation, highly educated expats experience many obstacles. Beyond language, awareness of cultural norms is key to infusion in the local environment. Amazing Capitals empowers international staff, thus helping you to retain your valuable employees.

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