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Expat Ecosystems​


Corporations across the globe compete to attract international talent from abroad. Some remain reluctant, many lack experience while others are experts. All benefit from comprehensive knowledge on location based expat ecosystems.

Amazing Capitals complement open minds and supportive attitudes to provide this tried and trusted concept since 2007. We invite corporations and cities to solve employment issues by improving attraction and retention of expats in their location. Anywhere.

A welcoming stance to the idea of partnering Amazing Capitals Valencia was encountered by the mayor and key players in the city. Alongside the Ajuntament de València, Global Omnium, La Marina and Oceanografic partnered to instigate the eGuide.

A longtime official partner of Amazing Capitals Neuss, the press office and Economic Development Neuss as well as Neuss-Düsseldorfer Häfen have also partnered to address an increasing requirement for international professionals to relocate.


Located near a former Roman settlement Neuss-Düsseldorfer Häfen has long become a true creator of jobs. The harbours of Neuss and Düsseldorf employ 750 highly trained and experienced professionals. Combined, another 21,000 are directly or indirectly dependent upon their business activities.

The company is also expat friendly. Düsseldorf, Neuss and Germany as a whole desperately require candidates to relocate from abroad. The support offered enables creation of resources that encourage attraction of international talent and empowers expats to stay.

Hammer Landstrasse 3
41460 Neuss
+49 2131 532 30


The Oceanogràfic in Valencia excites with surprising insights. Situated in the spectacular surroundings of the City of Arts and Sciences, it is the largest aquarium in Europe. The variety of marine life cared for and a turtle preservation project are highlights.

Avant-garde architecture creates a magnificent environment where the most important marine ecosystems have been faithfully reproduced.

Carrer Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 1
46013 València
+34 960 470 647


La Marina de València is a unique district that combines business, cultural and public activities in a maritime environment. Nestled cheerfully between the main beach of Valencia and commercial harbour, it is a phenomenal space that excites and surprises.

It covers a vast area of over one million square metres. The distance required to travel from the tip of one pier to the other adds up to an astonishing six kilometres.

C/ del Moll de la Duana, s/n
46024 València
+34 963 462 007


Global Omnium based in Valencia delivers water to 7 million national and international customers. The company manages more than 700,000 smart meters.

It also runs 401 wastewater treatment plants, 26 water treatment plants and a pipeline network of more than 12,000 kilometres in length. Every year, a phenomenal 5 billion data is analysed.

GV/ Marqués del Túria, 19
46005 Valencia
+34 963 860 600


<br>Welcome to Valencia! It is my great pleasure to invite you to enjoy this magnificent city. As mayor, I passionately believe we can all come together and live contended lives.</br> <br>The city is vibrant, creative events take place all year and its beach is stunning. I invite you to discover more on Amazing Capitals and to participate in all Valencia has to offer.</br>

Pl/ Ajuntamiento, 1
46002 Valencia
+34 963 525 478


Culturally, the Ruhr Metropolis wins hands down. This vibrant region presents a phenomenal creative scene. Much of the cultural offering is promoted by the state tourism organisation.

The best way to indulge is with a RuhrKultur Card, which includes free entry to twenty phenomenal museums or art venues and five important and highly attractive annual festivals. Photo Ruhr Tourismus, Stefan Ziese.

Centroallee 261
46047 Oberhausen
+49 180 618 1620


It is my great pleasure to welcome readers of Amazing Capitals Neuss to our pleasant town. As Mayor of Neuss, I am proud of the high service attitudes within administrative departments.

Local companies are supported and profit from the knowledge of the eGuide. In this manner, particularly medium-sized businesses are assisted in attracting expats to their company and thus counteracting a shortage of skilled workers.

Markt 2
41460 Neuss
+49 2131 902 011


The international organisation Messe Düsseldorf is a strong enterprise with an immense global reputation for world class trade fairs. They provide a vast exhibition space for many business segments and numerous world leading trade fairs.

Most exhibitions are for trade visitors only, however, a few are also open to the public including expats such as the extremely popular annual boot for water sports as well as Caravan Salon for caravanning and outdoor recreation.

Stockumer Kirchstrasse 61
40474 Düsseldorf
+49 211 456 001


Düsseldorf is a delightful place that welcomes foreigners who flock to the city to attend world renowned trade fairs or congresses. Thousands of expats who live here add to the tourist economy through visits by their families and friends from other countries.

Tourism is on the increase in Düsseldorf. Offering multiple services, the official yet independent Düsseldorf Marketing promotes the city.

Benrather Strasse 9
40213 Düsseldorf
+49 211 172 028 67

International School of Düsseldorf

ISD inspires their students to be confident, creative and critical thinkers. They work together to challenge and support all their students to be successful and responsible in an evolving world. The International School of Düsseldorf is a fascinating international community of learners.

ISD offers world-class education to inspire their students to become self-directed learners, creative thinkers, and compassionate global citizens, who can flourish in a dynamic world.

Niederrheinstrasse 336
40489 Düsseldorf
+49 211 940 66

Society & Folk

Anyone who has experienced relocating to a new society knows that the society and its folk are key to feeling welcome. Many locations around the globe offer safe havens and opportunities that flow far better when expats can learn more about their hosts. A broad, important topic on every location eGuide.