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Attracting Expats

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The task of attracting international talent is challenging. Companies who wish to hire expats find themselves engaging in very different discussions with prospective employees. Irrelevant topics for local nationals are often in the forefront of negotiations.

Furthermore, strong competition is felt from attractive locations the world over. Some cities radiate an impressive image across continents. Some are large and vibrant, others sit in ideal locations. Some possess an enticing climate, others present an appealing inner city atmosphere.

Skilled expats are frequently offered multiple positions. This fortunate circumstance enables them to balance the choice of career move against hard and soft facts in respect to the location where the company is located. 

A potential expat employee considering relocating can be concerned on several levels. When researching their options, they wish to make the wisest choice possible, especially if accompanied by their spouse or children.

Thus interviewees for employment can include many extended topics. Where do I school my children, are my partner’s qualifications recognised, the cost of living, rentals versus purchasing, health insurance options, driver licence acceptance or entry and residency regulations. Even nourishment and dietary preferences can be relevant. The list is extensive, some only becoming clear late in the day. They know all the answers in their home country, not in yours. 

Attempted engagements can fail because potential expat employees are not aware of the full offer that the city and the region provides.

By Vincent Green, Sep 23 2021


Once an expat professional has been hired, companies soon return to business as usual. The employee has relocated and their days take on a routine. However, international residents also need to settle in, which involves a steeper and broader learning curve than with nationals. Longer term support determines true success.

Expat Socialising

Staying in touch and getting together with others living in a similar situation can be important. Expat groups in social media are highly valuable sources for connecting. Socialising in the new location can include expat events, international clubs and popular spots to meet other international residents. All are available on the eGuides.