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Amazing Capitals publishes comprehensive online resources to help companies and cities to attract and retain expats. The brand is present is several locations with city and regional guides are available in numerous urban spaces across five countries. 

All reveal relevant knowledge and information with articles written in English for the use of international residents. Licensees can become involved rapidly and smoothly in Düsseldorf, Neuss and Ruhr in Germany as well as Valencia in Spain.

Content is available on the original format in Krakow, Prague and Beijing, all of which will be progressively transferred to the current v3. The move can be triggered by licensee, city or company requests in those exciting locations.

The strategy for the future in these locations is through agreements with licensees who take responsibility for the ongoing success of the relevant online expat guide.

Licensees are normally individuals, partnerships or agencies. However, companies and cities are welcome to take responsibility through such an agreement or offer sponsorships of their location.

Above all, the desire to attract and retain expats is key, as well as wishing to help international residents and their families lead better lives.

By Vincent Green, Oct 7 2021


Anyone who has experienced relocating to a new society knows that the society and its folk are key to feeling welcome. Many locations around the globe offer safe havens and opportunities that flow far better when expats can learn more about their hosts. A broad, important topic on every location eGuide.

Original language films disappear quickly from screens in non-English speaking countries. International residents are often movies lovers so cinemas and listings are very popular. One example of a variety of relevant sources for expat entertainment featured on every location guide.