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Amazing Capitals Düsseldorf aims to be at the heart of expat experiences, posting all that is necessary, referring to other respected sources and experts, as well as linking to local ecosystems. Great resources exist on social media groups and certain online platforms. A major aspect of Amazing Capitals is to be all-inclusive.

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By Vincent Green, Sep 19 2021

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Anyone who has experienced relocating to a new society knows that the society and its folk are key to feeling welcome. Many locations around the globe offer safe havens and opportunities that flow far better when expats can learn more about their hosts. A broad, important topic on every location eGuide.

Expat Happenings

An overview of major events and events calendar are helpful for every international resident. More importantly, interesting activities and spontaneous happenings from the community are posted on each eGuide. These include regular meetups, scheduled get togethers, English theatre, gatherings and gigs. All are important venues to socialise and connect with other expats in similar circumstances.