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Relocation Phenomenon


Millions of expats are, or have been, on the move. Some are so enthralled by their choice, they decide to stay. For one it’s the job, for another it’s a matter of the heart. Career expats move on, other unfortunate souls feel the need to quit. For themselves or their family.

Whether researching or preparing a move, just arrived or already a resident, we wish every expat a very enjoyable stay, much fun and many wonderful new experiences. Naturally, levels of contentment can vary enormously from person to person, family to family.

The difference between one’s native culture and that of the new home has an impact depending upon how drastic that may be. Access to a healthy, welcoming ecosystem is considered vital by many.

Dedicated to expats

It is possible to sense an ongoing and accelerated awakening amongst city authorities and human resources. High salaries do not guarantee success. It is far more responsible to engage in support techniques than merely pay the expenses of relocation.

Due to demographic circumstances and varying degrees of restricted freedom of movement, a lack of personnel reveals itself in most economies. Add to that a widening of the typical image of an expat, backgrounds and experiences, then the need for heartfelt and conscious support becomes more apparent. Plus the competition. Companies and cities north, south, east and west are searching for skilled employees.

On the whole, talented individuals can feel relatively free to choose where they wish to live and to work. The company and the job are two factors in the equation. The third, the location, needs to shine with their presentation and give an honest, holistic overview of the expat infrastructure that is in place.

Company support

We support companies and cities. They support us. We are also able to keep eGuides free to use through the support of sponsors and partners. These come from many fields including city, marketing, corporations, international schools as well as recreation, retail and utilities. The more companies that become involved, the more established the eGuide can become and the more we can assist businesses or the city to attract new talent and benefit those at the heart of the expat experience. You will also notice the lack of insensitive banners and ads. A triple win.

By Vincent Green / Sep 16 2021

Mayor at desk


Expat location guides in each city post the mayor's welcome to expats. Effects are threefold. International residents are acknowledged for their decision to relocate. It sends a motivational message to municipal employees to serve them well. A cosmopolitan message is also spread among companies and locals.

Cultural Immersion

Beyond the corporate world lies another world of creativity. Artists, creators and curators influence city environments with their work. Most cities are able to boast impressive art venues and museums as part of their cultural collection. Displays of permanent collections and temporary exhibits are a source of inspiration for many expats. Thus another important aspect of the eGuides.