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Licensee Framework

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Amazing Capitals online resources to help companies and cities to attract and retain expats have been published since the start of 2007. The brand is present is several locations and is expanding to new cities.

Structures stand on firm foundations and scaffolding can be enormously strong. The decision to scale with licensees is two fold. Firstly, the ability and necessity to be represented locally and be informed on local society is key to creating the finest resources possible. Secondly, it is my firm belief that creating an independent working environment offers the best opportunities for a fulfilled life.

Framework For All

To that end, great effort has been invested in creating the third element to successful progress. A licensee and licence framework has been developed by a group of individuals that has included a strategist, lawyer, prospective licensee,  publisher, writer and the owner.

The first licensee will be the pilot to test the checks and balances created in the agreement. A fair balance of responsibility and commitment has been introduced.

The goal is to create reliability and continuity to achieve contented livelihoods and a community of dedicated licensees. Investment in the wellbeing of expats and functioning of local expat ecosystems stand in the forefront of activities.

By Vincent Green, Oct 7 2021


Once an expat professional has been hired, companies soon return to business as usual. The employee has relocated and their days take on a routine. However, international residents also need to settle in, which involves a steeper and broader learning curve than with nationals. Longer term support determines true success.

Expat Happiness

Staying in touch and getting together with others living in a similar situation can be important. Expat groups in social media are highly valuable sources to connect. Socialising in the new location is key to happiness. Empowering expats to lead better lives is the main goal of in depth content on all location eGuides. Supporting your location can be yours.