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Future Proof

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Amazing Capitals publishes online resources to help companies and cities to attract and retain expats. The brand is present is several locations and is expanding to new cities.

The British founder and publisher relocated to work permanently in Germany many years ago. Besides making his own life-defining experiences following relocation, he developed a passion for helping others in similar situations.

Lengthier periods have been spent in several countries such as Spain, France and Finland. Periods of immersion have taken place in cities such as Bordeaux, Montreal, New York, Hong Kong and other locations.

Future Reliability

A proven concept is in place to assist cities and companies globally, by help expats on their location. Offering licensees the opportunity to create further expat location guides is the path to providing support to evermore expat ecosystems and stakeholders.

Over the next few years a reliable oversight structure will be implemented under the umbrella of a non-profit and management arrangement.

By Vincent Green, Oct 7 2021

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Improving the chance of companies retaining international employees in their location is a challenging task for city authorities. Life as an expat is complex. The need for balance, contented interaction and feeling at home is key. Those that underestimate the necessity to support are likely to lose valued residents.

The health and wellbeing of international employees directly affect their productivity and staying power. Hitting the ground running upon arrival is thus important for companies and cities alike. Thus the expat guides offer insights to healthy ingredients of life. Including sources of organic and vegan, a run down on sports activities as well as medical care professionals. And yes, vets too.