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Engaging Licensees


Amazing Capitals publishes online resources to help companies and cities to attract and retain expats. The brand is present is several locations and is expanding to new cities.

The founder and publisher was born in the UK and relocated to work permanently in Germany. Besides making his own life-defining experiences following relocation, he commenced helping others in a serious way in 2007.

The need to help in other countries became clear when a client requested support in Poland and the Czech Republic. China followed with the support of German partners during the lead up to the Olympics in Beijing.

The latter was created with a local partner and freelance writers, other projects with the support of employees and local writers.

Engaging Licensees

The world of technology enables far more freedoms to innovate. Thus, I am inviting individuals who are fascinated and motivated enough to become involved. A license framework is in place as is the experience of creating new location resources.

Long term engagement is key to a successful partnership. Over the next few years, new location guides will be instigated in magnificent cities in other countries.

If you sense a desire to help expats lead better lives by creating and publishing online resources in your location, then joining the Amazing Capitals project is an optimal way to reach that goal.

Become an independent partner and interact with a wide cross-section of business, city and cultural environments.

By Vincent Green, Oct 7 2021


Attractive locations across the world create strong competition to companies who desperately need to attract expats. Position and package fit, as does the company. Unfortunately a lack of convincing images, false impressions and incomplete city presentations fail to help inspire expats to relocate.

Great Caffeine Fixes

One of the first desires following an arrival is to discover where to go for that all important latte, short black or flat white. Personal and favourite cafes are presented on each eGuide. As are great initial options for bistros, sushi bars and restaurants as well as vegetarian and vegan. Until expats discover their own special choices in their new location.