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International Residents

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More than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. And yet, it is a curious fact that cities struggle to attract the expat employees that the business sector in their location require for continued development.

Successful, renowned and popular companies in far too many locations desperate to fill vacancies are facing enormous challenges.

On the one hand, a shortage of qualified individuals in the local marketplace is causing many to look abroad. On the other, they face obstacles when attempting to attract expats. Furthermore, the likelihood of them leaving again is also high.

Many aspects become a factor when attracting international talent. Beyond a company’s reputation and the package on offer, the decision to relocate factors in numerous other aspects concerning the local city environment.

First and foremost, expats consider in which country they will be working and the ease of learning a language they may require. Assuming English is not widely spoken. The location itself sits high in the equation too.

The image and access to qualified information are key in the process and can make or break the choice. With obvious consequences.

Knowledge is Key

Far too many prospective employers find attracting international talent to fill key positions at their company to be challenging. Others can be intimidated by the implications of persuading global expats to relocate and a higher risk of being able to retain them over time.

Engagements that have a positive outcome often require much support for a relocation to succeed. To remain engaged, productive and to stay the course, international employees need to experience an enhanced quality of life. For themselves as well as any accompanying family members.

Expat Desires

International residents wish to integrate into society, discover, attain a sense of belonging and feel at home. They wish to be happy. However, following arrival, wonderful experiences are frequently accompanied by surprising challenges. Besides busy schedules and embracing a new language, they and their loved ones have to learn new cultural norms, new laws, new formalities and much, much more.

A large proportion of these elements are influenced by city authorities, their actions and those of the greater local community. Creating a welcoming society is key. So is the easy availability of expansive knowledge concerning location, culture and how everything functions.

Let’s talk about the opportunities, a strategic approach in your city, levels of investment required and formulate an effective approach for you and your companies.

By Vincent Green, Oct 4 2021

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Talented individuals make choices. Far too many cities trust that companies in their city are capable of filling vacancies from abroad. They do little to support their local expat ecosystem. Meanwhile, other locations appear more desirable and win the competition of attracting and retaining international professionals.

Great Caffeine Fixes

One of the first desires following an arrival is to discover where to go for that all important latte, short black or flat white. Personal and favourite cafes are presented on each eGuide. As are great initial options for bistros, sushi bars and restaurants as well as vegetarian and vegan. Until expats discover their own special choices in their new location.