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Amazing Capitals publishes online location resources dedicated to local expat ecosystems in various locations. The eGuides and eBooks help the city along with local or international companies to attract international professionals to their location.

Packed with holistic knowledge and exclusive insights on life as an expat in the location, comprehensive information supports employers to retain expats by empowering them to lead better lives within the community. It also empowers companies to take full control of all elements of their job searches and offers. 

A mosaic of aspects comes together on a location based portfolio of English language resources created by a perpetual expat. It is a curious, multi-facetted experience to live life as an expat. Happiness and wellbeing are key to a successful relocation. We strive to help make that happen.

About Your Partner

When I was asked by my company to relocate, by hook and by crook, and by stumbling and trying and trial and error, I figured it all out. So I sat back and thought, How can I fix this problem for others like me? So what I started doing was going to companies and cities like yours. I then created comprehensive online expat guides in various locations, where businesses can just put a simple link right on their website that will drive any expats interested in or working for your company over to a site packed with knowledge that will speak to them in English, about exactly what they need to know.

Companies become empowered in all aspects of their offer. Expats are empowered to make a wise decision and relocate to a location that feels right to them. It’s a very simple process that takes very little work on your part. I do all the hard work in Helsinki. I’ll research, translate, create and publish everything in English. So any expats who need information can come to the Amazing Capitals eGuide for your location. They’ll get all the facts they need and know exactly who to connect with. And you’ll be providing them with a great service, because it’s what they want.

The support continues over time. How often have you experienced such things as absenteeism because people had to solve an issue that is far more difficult for them than for a local national? It takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of effort. It’s frustrating for the people and it makes them less happy at work. It makes them not feel great. It in fact makes them very unhappy, it makes them feel like they made the worst decision of their life by coming there, that everything is so confusing and everything is so complicated.

I solve that problem for you. And the reason I solve it is because I’ve been through it myself. When I first relocated, I spent months trying to figure out the systems and everything else. It’s easy if you’re, for instance, Finnish, German, Estonian, Spanish, Czech, French and guess what, every company in your country reaches out to the local population. But the reality of it is, there is an international population of people who are not of local nationality, who don’t speak the language yet and who are trying very hard to fit in. And they can’t do it without your help. And without my help. I’ve made it simple. The only thing you need to do is take this very next step.

The result of it is expats get the help that they need, they are able to find it in the English language that they desire, all in one place. Everything is explained to them in simple terms that allows them to deal with basic needs and get all the results they require. That nationals take for granted. Once they can do that, they become happier employees. They love living in the country. They may find themselves there many years later, thrilled to be there, an active and functioning part of society and culture and so fulfilled by the job they took.

That’s what I do, and I would love to help you do that for your international employees.

Experiences In Brief

I have lived for extended periods in a few countries, first and foremost in Germany. My life is a roller coaster of magnificent experiences and surprising discoveries. Repeated periods in Finland, France and Spain especially plus other extensive travels abroad have further enhanced my desire to serve expats.

Born in England, I moved across my first border to Scotland at 10 months, following that with other moves at 4, 6, 10, 11, 18, 21 and at 22 years of age. The former setting the seeds, the latter instigating my expat life.

A love of people, travelling, communication, meeting others and discovering defines my outlook on life Spiritually inclined, I hope to leave my mark. A concept for a creative centre for deprived children is waiting to be fulfilled. Having commenced a collection of non fiction tales, a publication is in the making.

Experience includes working in corporate IT, sales and marketing. Owning a film production company and transforming it into a marketing and advertising agency in Germany was thrilling. Renowned companies turned to us for a unique approach. The business club I created attracted consular and city interaction, through which the desire for expat support was instigated.

That is my true passion. Now I am in the process of expanding globally with local licensees and adding courses for the wellbeing of expats.

An Expat And Traveller

Having experienced almost everything possible when relocating to a foreign country and pointed naively at numerous unknown items in stores, I know life as a foreigner. I am truly one of us.

I also know how it feels to be in locations where locals are unable or unhappy to speak English. Understanding situations can sometimes be challenging. Not knowing the local system, angles of thought or the way of doing things, misunderstandings and mistakes can lurk around every corner. Awareness of cultural uniqueness is fascinating,

One day I received a small fine from the authorities in Düsseldorf for not registering a move. From then on, I recognised more of the value of awareness to local demands. A desire to collate and spread knowledge was born. I find it a true pleasure in assisting expats who discover themselves in similar situations in their new location abroad.

If I can save expats from some pitfalls and help unearthing new insights, information and snippets of true knowledge on the eGuides then it is all worth it. Enabling expats to feel more comfortable through my work and empowering them to lead better lives is key.

The way to do that is through their employers and city heads. Exactly that is what Amazing Capitals is all about.

By Vincent Green / Nov 9 2021

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Attractive locations across the world create strong competition to companies who desperately need to attract expats. Position and package fit, as does the company. Unfortunately a lack of convincing images, false impressions and incomplete city presentations fail to help inspire expats to relocate.

Natural Environment

To the surprise of newly arrived expats, beaches exist even in landlocked locations. These may be the shore of a river, lake or reservoir. Discovering fine sand for walking, playing, relaxing and picnicking is a hot topic whatever the season. So too parks, hiking and nature trails. All are form part of the comprehensive knowledge on every eGuide.