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Expat Employee


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Thousands upon thousands of prospective expats are searching the globe for an alternative attractive location when considering relocating. Many more thousands are requested and enticed to reflect upon relocate to a specific city and commence the next phase of their career.

They all have one thing in common. The need for extensive and reliable information from afar during the phase of a decision. All of it in English. Most discover mere snippets and facts along with insights about tourism. Expat requirements are ignored on a large scale.

All of these prospective residents wish to acquire a solid flavour for their new home.

  • Is the city pleasant?
  • Can I stroll the streets safely?
  • Are locals welcoming to foreigners?
  • Does the city process formalities smoothly?
  • Can I find a neighbourhood that fits my needs?
  • Does the health system function well?
  • Is the educational system effective?
  • Which recreational opportunities are offered?
  • What areas of natural beauty are nearby?
  • How varied is the international community?

These are merely a few of dozens and dozens of important aspects. Beyond the job, it is widely accepted fact that soft and hard factors of life as an expat can be both deal makers or deal breakers when attempting to attract expats. That holds especially true over the longer term when daily realities become routine.

Thus, the quality and availability of wide and specific the knowledge available to international residents is essential to successful relocations.

Amazing Capitals is reaching out to stakeholders in their locations while creating a movement to help alleviate the challenges facing this fascinating group of people. Feel free to let me know where improvement is needed. Thank you.

By Vincent Green, Oct 9 2021

Street art on house frontage


A most important initial question expats ask concerns the location's environment. This is well before committing to relocate. Absent on most location websites, it is a key theme revealed in the "Urban Feel" article. A wide range of topics such as street art and architecture in "City Topics" fill the void of most city websites.

Great Caffeine Fixes

One of the first desires following an arrival is to discover where to go for that all important latte, short black or flat white. Personal and favourite cafes are presented on each eGuide. As are great initial options for bistros, sushi bars and restaurants as well as vegetarian and vegan. Until expats discover their own special choices in their new location.