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You’ve received an enticing offer of employment in a foreign country. Perhaps more than one. The challenges begin. In what city is the company located? What are the formalities of entry for my nationality? What information is available about the location?

So many topics concerning life abroad add up along the path towards the new career move. And that’s before relocation. A seemingly endless list of subjects arise, to which the answers can be elusive.

Research includes the city website. Maybe the company has snippets of information readily available to send. Expat groups on social media can be a source for some more general themes. whereby specific points can often encourage pure speculation.

Ease of Research

The decision follows and the deal is signed. Relocation flows smoothly, a new place of residence is found. Depending upon age, gender and lifestyle, socialising follows. Or perhaps the accompanying family all settle in together and a school for children is found.

Your partner or spouse has left her (mostly) or his (more rarely) job only to discover hard earned qualifications are not valid in the host country. Furthermore, your company only enrols you in a language course, no other member of your family.

Frictions arise. Understandably, your new position is all-encompassing, while your partner’s life is in turmoil. She or he has become a full-time stay-at-home father or mother, yearning for a wider variety of interaction and fulfilment in life.

Assistance Desired

To enable smoother circumstances over the longterm relocation, assistance may be required. The level of knowledge available to expat candidates across the globe needs to be improved upon on a grand scale. 

Amazing Capitals is reaching out to audiences and creating a movement to help alleviate the challenges facing this fascinating group of people. The common factors are merely to be of foreign origin, speakers of English and prepared to take a risk. We are one of you and of similar circumstances. First comes understanding. Action is following. Feel free to let me know where improvement is needed. Thank you.

By Vincent Green, Oct 8 2021


Expat location guides in each city post the mayor's welcome to expats. Effects are threefold. International residents are acknowledged for their decision to relocate. It sends a motivational message to municipal employees to serve them well. A cosmopolitan message is also spread among companies and locals, as in the welcoming city of Neuss, Germany.

Society & Folk

Anyone who has experienced relocating to a new society knows that the society and its folk are key to feeling welcome. Many locations around the globe offer safe havens and opportunities that flow far better when expats can learn more about their hosts. A broad, important topic on every location eGuide.