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Expat Consumer

Expat Target Group

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Expats have left their home country to relocate to a new city. They often leave almost all possessions behind, tending to bring very few possessions to the new location. They also depart the company of friends and family.

Many rent out the property they own. They dispose of furniture or include it in the rental. Expats nearly always need to acquire everything anew for the new residence, whether purchased or leased. Most desire quality items.

International residents are a group of well educated, professionally studied and talented individuals who are high earners. Besides getting to know the location as well as new friends and acquaintances, their needs are ongoing.

From health and other insurances to a new motor vehicle, travel and flight tickets, entertainment and recreation to clothing, food and beverages, they are unique and desirable consumers.

By Vincent Green, Sep 17 2021

Young expat women in market


Target a unique audience of English speaking international residents. Create awareness, become more attractive, raise your image. Benefit from new referrals, find new prospects, gain new clients. All while empowering expats to lead better lives.

Cultural Immersion

Beyond the corporate world lies another world of creativity. Artists, creators and curators influence city environments with their work. Most cities are able to boast impressive art venues and museums as part of their cultural collection. Displays of permanent collections and temporary exhibits are a source of inspiration for many expats. Thus another important aspect of the eGuides.