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Unique and Desirable Expats

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International employees, residents and families are so often overlooked. Banks, insurance companies, telecoms and even local authorities who wish to be expat friendly fail to address the specific needs of expats.

Bemusing quotes can often be heard, such as “they are here, so they should learn German”. Replace the latter with Spanish, Finnish or English. That may be true and most do learn, some becoming proficient.

These attitudes do, however, fly in the face of the need for companies to attract foreigners to fill key positions of employment. On the day of writing this article, a representative of Nokia is quoted in the Finnish media for having stated the company needs to attract 2,350 employees, otherwise the jobs will go somewhere else.

Although the number of local expats may only reach five percent of the population, they are unique and desirable members of society. Well earning, they purchase and consume. They acquire recommendations from other expats in a similar situation who have had a good experience or received good service. The microcosmos of the expat ecosystem functions well. Join Amazing Capitals to be part of it.

By Vincent Green, Sep 22 2021

Young expat women in market


Target a unique audience of English speaking international residents. Create awareness, become more attractive, raise your image. Benefit from new referrals, find new prospects, gain new clients. All while empowering expats to lead better lives.

Great Caffeine Fixes

One of the first desires following an arrival is to discover where to go for that all important latte, short black or flat white. Personal and favourite cafes are presented on each eGuide. As are great initial options for bistros, sushi bars and restaurants as well as vegetarian and vegan. Until expats discover their own special choices in their new location.