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Peter Fischer, City Of Neuss


The city of Neuss has been cooperating with Amazing Capitals for many years. The English-language internet platform is linked to the homepage of the city of Neuss.

International residents of Neuss are especially well informed about the many themes that concern them on this partner site of Neuss. The city of Neuss therefore benefits from the comprehensive presentation of topics covering Neuss in English.

Target-group oriented, the internet presence of Amazing Capitals Neuss presents the city of Neuss as an attractive place to live and work. Local citizens of Neuss can also make use of the website to acquire information concerning the topics and lives of expats.

Equally, local companies are supported and profit from the knowledge of the eGuide. In this manner, particularly medium-sized businesses are assisted in attracting expats to their company and thus counteracting a shortage of skilled workers.

Working together with Garry Hurskainen-Green, the publisher of Amazing Capitals Neuss, is always very straightforward. He is always open to ideas, reliable and consistently goal-oriented.

Peter Fischer
Press Spokesman
Press and Information Office
City of Neuss

By Vincent Green, Jun 4 2019

Stadt Neuss

Markt 2
41460 Neuss

+49 2131 902 011

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Talented individuals make choices. Far too many cities trust that companies in their city are capable of filling vacancies from abroad. They do little to support their local expat ecosystem. Meanwhile, other locations appear more desirable and win the competition of attracting and retaining international professionals.

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Improving the chance of companies retaining international employees in their location is a challenging task for city authorities. Life as an expat is complex. The need for balance, contented interaction and feeling at home is key. Those that underestimate the necessity to support are likely to lose valued residents.

The health and wellbeing of international employees directly affect their productivity and staying power. Hitting the ground running upon arrival is thus important for companies and cities alike. Thus the expat guides offer insights to healthy ingredients of life. Including sources of organic and vegan, a run down on sports activities as well as medical care professionals. And yes, vets too.