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Helping to empower company and city leaders as well as expats since 2007, Amazing Capitals is committed to serving way into the future. Having expanded organically, the time has come to strategically serve on a global scale. A license agreement enables individuals and organisations to join our movement.

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If you have been enjoying Amazing Capitals location expat guides, you may recognise the value of creating a local expat ecosystem that is focussed on corporate needs. Most searches of specific expat topics reveal hit and miss results. While social media groups can be useful for instant opinions many comments miss the mark, to say the least.

Amazing Capitals has been helping companies and cities attract international talent and retain their expat employees since 2007. Implementation of the third design format has already been warmly welcomed in Spain’s city of Valencia as well as Neuss, Ruhr and Düsseldorf in Germany.

You may have noticed the fresh, welcoming design and the lack of intrusive popups, signups or adverts. That is on purpose because you, the reader, as well as our clients are the focus of attention.

Work Together

This domain is an informative overview for those wishing to work with us as location partners, sponsors and licensees. Please refer to the above link of your choice if you are searching for knowledge about one of the locations.

For new members to our audience, Amazing Capitals are established online resources dedicated to local expat communities. A mosaic of aspects come together on these English language eGuides instigated by a perpetual expat.

Discover events, the arts and all other Things to Do, the ins and outs of local Expat Life or all there is to know about the city under The Location. May your life in your your delightful new home and that of your loved ones be happy and fulfilled!

By Vincent Green / Sep 17 2023

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Perhaps the most important initial question expats ask concerns the feel of their prospective new home. This is well before committing to relocate. However, insights to a location's local environment is absent on most city websites. To fill the void, this key component to attracting international talent is revealed in full on every eGuide. Expats wish and need to know the true spectrum of delights a city has to offer.

Great Caffeine Fixes

One of the first desires following an arrival is to discover where to go for that all important latte, short black or flat white. Personal and favourite cafes are presented on each eGuide. As are great initial options for bistros, sushi bars and restaurants as well as vegetarian and vegan. Until expats discover their own special choices in their new location.