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Company leaders, human resources teams and city authorities around the world face an ongoing challenge. A widespread shortage of skilled staff in most locations can be crippling to companies and thus the local economy.

The solution is well known. However, attracting talent from countries across the globe invokes many challenges for companies and cities. You are presumably here because key positions remain unfilled and you are not alone. 

New arrivals from abroad have little knowledge of local culture nor the national language. Furthermore, following a successful relocation, navigating life in their new place of residency is an effort. Amazing Capitals helps companies and cities to attract and retain international employees. When and how can we help you?



Corporations who face a shortage of key
talent to fill vacant positions must turn their
attention abroad. Thousands of companies
are doing likewise. Competition is high in
the search for international employees.
The quality of presentation of your location
and availability of support in the expat
infrastructure are also deciding factors.



Beautiful and highly liveable locations can
be experienced by expats in all corners
of the world. Companies in your city need to attract talent. Many of them have to search
overseas. Cities are required to support
with efficient local bureaucracy. Beyond
possible welcome centres and city websites,
your image presentation matters.


The health and wellbeing of international employees directly affect their productivity and staying power. Hitting the ground running upon arrival is thus important for companies and cities alike. Thus the expat guides offer insights to healthy ingredients of life. Including sources of organic and vegan, a run down on sports activities as well as medical care professionals. And yes, vets too.